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A New Underpass: Connecting Downtown Oakland and Jack London By Adrian Napolitano, Jack London Improvement District Intern  Summer 2016 Focus: Underpass Improvements  Underpass improvement is...

Utility boxes in strategic locations throughout the District are being covered in art! In partnership with Athen B. Gallery and Streets Alive!, the Jack London...

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Artists paint Jack London utility boxes live!

Utility boxes in strategic locations throughout the District are being covered in art! In partnership with Athen B. Gallery and Streets Alive!, the Jack London Improvement District issued a Call for Artists and selected the first eight who will live paint their art on utility boxes throughout Jack London. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch renowned artists create their works.

Below is a map and schedule so you can be sure to catch your favorite artists.

Saturday May 14th

Artist: Cameron Thompson - Instagram

Location: 4th and Jefferson

Artist: Marcos Lafarga - Website/Instagram

Location: 4th and Washington

Sunday May 15th

Artist: Cannon Dill - Website/Instagram

Location: 6th and Broadway

Artist: Troy Lovegates - Website/Instagram

Location: 4th and Jackson

Monday May 16th

Artist: Lynnea Holland-Weiss - Website/Instagram

Location: 4th and Harrsion

Artist: Kate Klinbeil - Website/Instagram

Location: 3rd and Broadway

Wednesday May 18th

Artist: Ricky Watts - Website/Instagram

Location: 4th and Jefferson

John Felix Arnold (Website/Instagram) has yet to be scheduled!

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Jack London and Plan Downtown

Jack London is an active participant in the entitlement process of District projects as well as the Downtown Specific Plan process underway. As part of a transparent and collaborative approach to creating and maintaining a safe, clean, thriving Jack London District with flourishing businesses, vibrant events, and quality of life, the Jack London Improvement District is convening neighborhood conversations about land use, economic development, business, resilience, industry, history, and culture relevant to the District. The discussions are both educational and serve as a guide for the long range vision of the District. 

Since the initiation of Plan Downtown, Jack London has been working to extend the City's community engagement and provide a forum for participation in the visioning and planning process. The community discussions around connecting the waterfront with the Downtown through improved gateways, the future of the wholesale produce district, enhanced public spaces, industry and mixed-use, and rail and transit infrastructure have informed the focus of the Downtown Plan.

Stay updated on the City's Planning Process here.

City of Oakland's Interactive Map of Major Development Projects or List of Major Development Projects

In the first community meeting on December 10, the focus was to 1) hear and understand what issues are of importance to the Jack London Community so that they are studied in the Plan, and 2) for the City to communicate the process of the Plan for optimal engagement.

The second community meeting on March 22 in Jack London focused on the Plan Alternatives, and shared the process of the Plan for continued engagement. 


See the slides from the City's presentation on the Plan Alternatives, specific to Jack London, here.

Join us to lead the neighborhood’s improvement with a progressive, creative, and collaborative approach. 

Upcoming Community Meeting info available on our events page!

Other Relevant Links:

Alameda County Transportation Commission's Freeway Access Project

City of Oakland's Interactive Map of Major Development Projects or List of Major Development Projects


Connect Oakland


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What We Do
What We Do

Ambassador Program

Meet our terrific team of Jack London Ambassadors. They're glad to give directions and information, pedestrian and motorist assistance, and provide safety and umbrella escorts as they make our streets clean and safe. 

Ambassador Operating Hours

7:00am – 9:00pm

Monday through Thursday

9:00am – 11:00pm

Friday, Saturday

8:30am – 4:30pm on Sundays. 

For immediate assistance: 510-363-0989

Questions, comments: carlos@jacklondonoakland.org

Ambassadors provide:

Cleaning Services

  • Intensive cleaning of sidewalks, gutters, and fixtures in the public right-of way to improve the street-level experience, particularly in areas of chronic neglect (such as the Broadway/880 underpass).
  • Special projects such as removal of hazardous fixtures in the public right-of-way, painting of street furnishings, removal of extensive graffiti in the public right-of-way and more.

Hospitality Services

  • A friendly greeting and visitor assistance, directions, recommendations, and neighborhood information. 
  • Social Service outreach as they interact with the homeless and Street population to conduct welfare checks and request compliance with Oakland’s laws and ordinances.
  • Umbrella escorts between any two points within the District on request.

Safety Services

  • Deterrence & Reporting of unwanted behaviors as they circulate through the District and observe disturbances. 
  • Coordination with the Oakland Police Department to share safety and security information
  • Information to community members of safety practices
  • Safety walking escort between any two points within the District on request.


We expect the benefits to broaden as an improved standard is established, maintained, and even more people enjoy living, working, and visiting our District.


Current Projects

Light pole banners

These fixtures are installed on lampposts around the District, to celebrate Jack London's identity and promote the area. This program will be expanded in 2016.

Building Art Program

We are coordinating with property owners and an art curator to identify and implement art in outdoor neighborhood locations to enliven the Jack London District for its residents, workers, and visitors. 

Bike Solar Oakland

Partnering with GenZe, DC Solar, and CalCEF, Bike Solar Oakland's first sun-powered charging station is installed at 333 Broadway. These solar powered bikes will be available available as a community amenity.

Underpass Infrastructure Improvements

The 880 underpasses have long been perceived as a barrier. We are working to provide short-term mitigations, including cleaning, pressure washing, and coordinating lighting and electrical repairs with the City. We’re also developing a vision for longer-range environmental design solutions in creative brainstorming sessions, and with consultants working on the ongoing Freeway Access Plan and Downtown Specific Plan.


Art Wrapped Utility Boxes4th_and_Washington_utility_box.jpg

Utility boxes in strategic locations throughout the District are being covered in art by a local, curated group of locally respected artists who responded to a public call for art. 

Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) Hosting

Jack London Improvement District is providing the ongoing organization, outreach, documentation, and communications for Beat 1X NCPC. This group is for collaboration between the Jack London community and public safety through our Community Resources Officer and our Neighborhood Services Coordinator.

Train Quiet Zone

This long term project includes updating the original study and fundraising for the capital improvements required to implement a Train Quiet Zone in Jack London. More description on progress here

Pop-Ups/Activation of 333 Broadway

We’re activating our headquarters at 333 Broadway and transforming the space into a community resource. We host STEAM factory, a workshop series where kids create alongside professional makers; the beta Bike Solar Oakland; and start-up food businesses on a rotating basis. We invite Jack London community groups to use the space for meetings and events.

Quarterly Panel Talks

This series of interactive, educational events with local leaders and subject-matter experts will continue as we explore development in Jack London such as retailhistory of development, industry, and other topics of interest.

Community Partner Events

To keep the community informed and engaged we will continue the sponsorship, partnership, or direct hosting of community events such as launch events for publicity of projects, developer outreach forums, National Night Out, Crime Prevention Council meetings, community planning meetings, and more. Check out our calendar to see upcoming events.

Landscaping Medians

New plants and landscaping will be installed in the medians on Broadway and other minor landscaped areas in the District. Landscape design currently underway.

Jack London Collateral

A consumer and business friendly neighborhood guide to promote what’s here and what’s to come is under development. 

Retail and Economic Development Strategy Planning

Working with our community partners in the District to attract desired neighborhood-serving retail and services.



There’s a tremendous amount of dedication and love for this neighborhood, and the District is privileged to benefit from the expertise and input of many of you as volunteers. We welcome your feedback and participation as we work together to foster economic vitality and quality-of-life in Oakland’s unique, historic, urban waterfront community. Send us an email or give us a call to get involved.

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