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District Panel Talk: A Ballpark for Everyone.  Tuesday, September 26th, 6:00 PM at Original Pattern Brewing, 292 4th Street. With: Jeff Bellisario, Bay Area Council &...

In a segment hosted by Great Big Story, we learned that the Oakland Zookeepers make use of Jack London's Wholesale Produce Market. In the video,...

Jack London and Plan Downtown

Jack London is an active participant in the entitlement process of District projects as well as the Downtown Specific Plan process underway. As part of a transparent and collaborative approach to creating and maintaining a safe, clean, thriving Jack London District with flourishing businesses, vibrant events, and quality of life, the Jack London Improvement District is convening neighborhood conversations about land use, economic development, business, resilience, industry, history, and culture relevant to the District. The discussions are both educational and serve as a guide for the long range vision of the District. 

Since the initiation of Plan Downtown, Jack London has been working to extend the City's community engagement and provide a forum for participation in the visioning and planning process. The community discussions around connecting the waterfront with the Downtown through improved gateways, the future of the wholesale produce district, enhanced public spaces, industry and mixed-use, and rail and transit infrastructure have informed the focus of the Downtown Plan.

Stay updated on the City's Planning Process here.

City of Oakland's Interactive Map of Major Development Projects or List of Major Development Projects

In the first community meeting on December 10, the focus was to 1) hear and understand what issues are of importance to the Jack London Community so that they are studied in the Plan, and 2) for the City to communicate the process of the Plan for optimal engagement.

The second community meeting on March 22 in Jack London focused on the Plan Alternatives, and shared the process of the Plan for continued engagement. 


See the slides from the City's presentation on the Plan Alternatives, specific to Jack London, here.

Join us to lead the neighborhood’s improvement with a progressive, creative, and collaborative approach. 

Upcoming Community Meeting info available on our events page!

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City of Oakland's Interactive Map of Major Development Projects or List of Major Development Projects


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