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District Panel Talk: A Ballpark for Everyone.  Tuesday, September 26th, 6:00 PM at Original Pattern Brewing, 292 4th Street. With: Jeff Bellisario, Bay Area Council &...

In a segment hosted by Great Big Story, we learned that the Oakland Zookeepers make use of Jack London's Wholesale Produce Market. In the video,...


The mission of the Jack London Improvement District is to create, promote and maintain an inviting environment for people who visit, live or work in the Jack London District. Through programs focused on beautification, safety and promotion, we foster economic vitality and quality-of-life in Oakland’s unique, historic urban waterfront community.




Safety and Hospitality Ambassador Team

880 Underpass Improvements

Building Art District

Streetscape and Public Right-of-Way Beautification

Train Quiet Zone

Special Events and Community Forums

Community Engagement for Planning and Development

Retail attraction

Host of Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council

Free Public Fiberoptic WiFi




What is an improvement district? 

An improvement district is a defined area within which businesses or property owners are required to pay an additional tax (or levy) in order to fund projects within the district's boundaries.


Jack London property owners established an improvement district through a balloting and petition process. You can find more information about the formation process here. The Jack London Improvement District formation was created as a Property-Based Improvement District (PBID).


The Jack London Improvement District will have a ten-year life beginning January 1, 2014. After ten years, the petition process, ballot process, and City Council hearing process must be repeated for Jack London Improvement District to be reestablished.


See our Services page for more information about our work.


How is it funded?

Assessments are collected from private property owners within the district boundaries by the Alameda County Tax Assessors' office and routed through the City of Oakland to the Jack London Improvement District non-profit.


How much does it cost? 

The Jack London Improvement District annual budget is approximately $780,000. The budget will vary based on collection rates and changes to property in the district. The district’s non-profit board may increase the assessments annually based upon Alameda County’s regional CPI index or by a maximum of 5% of the previous year’s assessments. The assessment for each property type is described in detail in the Management District Plan.


Does the City do less because of Jack London Improvement District’s services?

No. Baseline services have been established for all relevant city agencies that provide services in the Jack London District; the Improvement District works with the City of Oakland to ensure that baseline services are delivered.


How is the Jack London Improvement District managed?

A non-profit organization manages the assessments and services of the Jack London Improvement District. The non-profit is staffed by a full time Executive Director and Administrative Coordinator. The Board of Directors holds annual elections. For more information about the elections process, please see our bylaws. For more information about district staff and the Board of Directors, please see out Leadership page.